Monday, July 12, 2010

It begins!

Ok so today on the 12th of July 2010 we finally announced the date for Dublin Con 2010.
The event is to be held on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of December in Andrews Lane Theatre, The Mercantile and The Village in Dublin City, Ireland.
We are currently compiling the guest list and we should have some names to throw at you in the coming weeks.
Dublin Con is a small but fun convention, we put our heart and soul into it each year but in 2009 we had to take a break. So with 2010s convention we wanted to try something a little different. So this year we are something between a convention and a festival. We will be holding small events all over Dublin in the week leading up to the main two days of the convention on the 4th and 5th of December.

We can confirm that Friday the 3rd of December will be a table quiz held in The Mercantile, Dame St.
Tables will hold 4 people and it will cost €40 per table.Randomly we will assign a comic industry professional to your table to give you a hand for a few minutes before they move on to the next table. Be good to them or they might give you the wrong answer!
Prizes for the Table quiz will include comic books, DVDs, Original Art, signed items and random beers and bottles of booze! We have an extra special prize to be thrown in to our winning table also that will be announced on the night!

The Mercantile, Andrews Lane and The Village are all within a few minutes walk of each other and The Mercantile has a hotel attached so get booking your rooms asap

This blogger page and our official facebook page (search "Dublin city comic convention") is the place to get all the offical updates so add us, like us, subscribe to us and we'll get you all the relevant (and not so relevant) information on a timely basis.

Again, Dublin Con is all about fun, fun for you the attendee and fun for our guests. Our guests arent locked away, you're just as likely to find them enjoying a pint in the bar as you are to find them hosting a panel. So if you have the time and were looking for an excuse to visit Dublin, nows the time!

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  1. Well done, lads. Sounds very good. The idea to spread the con/festival around different venues has worked quite well in other countries.